Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Year Ago Tomorrow

Our lives changed immensely! Michael and I had been married about a month and 1/2 shy of 2 years. It had been a wonderful near 2 years. We were in Tucson starting a life out there. Then I got pregnant a little earlier than we had planned. (Only by about 6 months so not too much of a shock.)

July 2nd, 2006. Tied for the most memorable day of my life. (Sharing the tie with my wedding, of course!) Starting at about 5 am I woke Michael up and told him he needed to wake up and help me. I was having contractions! I had got up and took a shower about 4 and tried to lay back down, but that was not working. I new it was going to happen that day! Michael was scheduled to work that day, and we decided that it was best that he went for a few hours. WHAT!? Yes, it was best. He tends to get excited and impatient, and I did not want to risk going to the hospital and having them send me home! So he went in for a few hours before they opened. When he got there everyone was telling him to go home, but we knew what we were doing!

About 8 or so, I went and told Katy (my wonderful little sister who was staying with us) that today was THE day. I spent all morning walking around bouncing through my contractions to a mixed cd of Jars of Clay. Michael got home around 12:30, called the Dr. He misunderstood the message. He thought my contractions were 45 min. apart and the were actually 4-5 min. apart. He said "Yes, she needs to come in!"
On the way there we texted people to let them know we were heading to the hospital. Luckily, it was Sunday and there was no traffic. On a busy day it would have taken us up to 45 min. to get to the hospital. It took us about 20. We got there, got checked in. I got checked out. Yes, I was in labor! We got there about 2:30. They asked if I wanted drugs. I almost wavered, but said no. I'm sooo glad I did. They make you get an IV catheter anyway. They blew one vein, and didn't get the other one too well. (I was bruised for more than 6 weeks) None of that really mattered though.

I remember I was having a hard time not pushing. They kept trying to get me to breathe so I wouldn't. I wasn't very good at it! Luckily my wonderful husband was there the whole time. I am proud to say I made it through without any pain meds, any cursing (a really bad habit of mine in times of pain, I'm getting much better), and without snapping at Michael, Katy, or anyone else!

Finally, they said it was time to push. The doctor came in and Katy went out. (She didn't want to see any blood or anything). It really didn't seem to take that long. At 4 p.m. exactly Allisyn Renee joined our lives. She was soooo amazing, so tiny, so beautiful. She was a perfect gift from God. They got her and me cleaned up and Katy came back in. She was crying and the nurse handed her to Katy and she stopped crying! It was so beautiful to see my baby and my sister bond like that.

(I don't know why this picture came out small)

We started calling people and kind of got a slight reprimand for not giving any updates throughout. :} Then we started breast feeding. That was an amazing feeling. It is totally amazing to know that your body can nourish your babies. It was an amazing day. I couldn't stop smiling. Michael got to stay with her while she got her first bath, and while they did her first tests and such. Then they brought her to my room. It didn't want to let her go! My friend Megan came and picked up Katy and took her back to the house. It was a long night. We kept setting an alarm so we would know when I needed to nurse. Allisyn kept us on schedule as she always wanted to nurse about 15 min before the alarm went off! We got to go home the next day and started our lives at home as parents!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow it will be a year.


Lea said...

Ahhhh, I almost cried when I read this! What a great way to start your blog. I am so excited that you have started this blog. I can't wait to see recent pictures of Allisyn. Please post some soon:). It's been way too long since I have seen you guys. We're going to be at grandma's on the 4th. Are you guys coming up?

Jana H said...

Joy, I love your post. It's so sweet. I love baby stories. You are my hero. No pain meds or anything. You're amazing. I hope I can do that. My pain tolerance isn't very high. I'm glad you checked out my blog. I posted something else today. Anyway, I hope we get to see you soon.