Monday, July 30, 2007

A Nice Trip Home

So Alli and I went up to stay with my family last week. We left out on Tuesday. We woke her up at 6 a.m. Well, she was wanting to comfort nurse and I wasn't getting any sleep anyway, so we woke her up so I could pack and she could spend some time with her daddy before we left. We got backed and were ready to go by 8. We tried calling my Aunt Lea who lives in Tulsa to see if we could spend some time with her and her two boys, but she was out at an appointment and we were in Vinita by the time she would have gotten home. (We missed you Lea, maybe next time!) It really was a good idea to wake her up early because she slept almost the whole way there!

We stopped in at Cable One and saw Sandy and I went to the bathroom. Then we went out to Sandy's and got unloaded and rested a bit until we went to my grandma's and spent the afternoon with her and Jordon and AJ. They were really excited to see us. I got a bit of reading done that afternoon! Then we had dinner and went to VBS. It was a good time!

Wednesday we went and spent a few hours at my great-grandma's. When we got there she was taking a nap (Allis was too!) so I put Alli back in the car and we went to my grandpa's for a bit. He went back over to grandma's with us so he could let us in if he needed to. My Aunt Kathy and cousin Trent met us at the farm and they brought some KFC. It was good stuff and my grandma ate more than she thought she was going to be able to! She was having kind of a rough day so it was really good to see her eat. She gets so excited when we come out to see her and I was very thankful for being able to actually spend some time with her. Usually we are rushed and are having to meet up with Michael's family afterwards so we don't get to stay very long. Trent entertained Allisyn for a little bit, then he went and got my laptop and found some game on there that he was playing. We got to see my Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Jeanie right as we were leaving. Then it was back to Sandy's to finish out her nap. Then over to grandma's for dinner then on to VBS.

Thursday we went and spent the day with my grandma Mozie. I was very thankful for this time. She is starting chemo tomorrow and I know that our visit meant a lot to her. I'm very sad that she is going to have to go through chemo and radiation, and they think it is because of some hormone therapy a doctor put her on. She is a strong woman and I know that she will come out fine, but it is just unfair that she has to go through this. Our visit was nice though. Allisyn was busy trying to get into everything and playing with all sorts of stuff. My grandma gave a beautiful antique corner shelf, and some of her Boyd's bears that were on it. I LOVE she shelf it is gorgeous. I also love Boyd's bears, but did not have any until now. My grandma is so cute with all her things. I think she gets a little grief from my aunts sometimes about all that she has, but I love her house and all her stuff. We also got to see my Uncle Kenny for a few minutes here and there. It was a really nice visit. I wish my family wasn't quite so far away so we could visit more often. We left when Allisyn started getting sleepy and she slept all the way home.

That evening we met my mom and sister for dinner, then went out for ice cream. Then we went to VBS and then Katy and Eva (my sister's best friend) met us out at Sandy's. This was the first time Eva has gotten to meet Allisyn. It was nice to see her again. They stayed for a while and hung out. It was nice.

Friday we slept in and hung around Sandy's. Then we went to grandma's for dinner before VBS. Then we went to our last day of VBS and Alli got her attendance certificate, which she tore, and a little bible, which she managed to tear a page in while fighting me for it. She usually does really good with books, but she got a page this time. VBS was fun but the hours of 7-9 is too long and too late for little ones. I think they should do it from 6:30 -8:00. It would be much more little kid friendly.

Saturday we spent the morning at Sandy's so the kids would help wear Alli out for our trip back. On the way back through Tulsa we picked up my youngest brother-in-law. His dad was 20 minutes late in meeting us which made Allisyn MAD. She was doing fine, but at the very end she got upset and I ended up having to drive all the way to half-way McDonald's touching her. We stopped and took a break, and I had to touch her for about half the remaining trip until she fell asleep because she was NOT happy. My arm was NOT happy for the rest of the day and part of the next.

She is starting this phase of getting upset and throwing a fit when I even try to take a step away. They say it is separatin anxiety, but I think her case is much more extreme. I'm hoping to get her into the Sonshine School and the Edmomd CoC this fall. I think it would be good for both of us!

Yesterday Alli and I met a woman I met online and her husband and grandson for lunch. I met her accidentally about 5 years ago. She and my mom's best friend Sue had the same email, except Sue's was hotmail, and Di's was yahoo. I thought Sue's was yahoo and I was emailing this lady instead! Sue was excited and we all became friends! Di's new husband is originally from the city and they were back here visiting and we met up for lunch. It was really nice to meet them after all these years of sharing emails and pictures back and forth!

The reason I picked up Steve, my BIL, from Tulsa is so he can work on the mural on Allisyn's play room wall! I'm really excited about it. He is up drawing the outline on the walls right now. Allisyn is taking a nap, thank goodness. She has been wearing her cranky pants for the past couple of days and it is wearing me out!

Well, I should take advantage of nap time and get some stuff done!

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Jana H said...

It sounds like you've been busy, girl. I hope you're not wearing yourself out. I will be praying that Allisyn gets out of her over clingy stage. I know she needs to be clingy, but from what your saying it sounds like you can't even breath. I love you girl.