Monday, July 16, 2007

We didn't make it :(

to church yesterday. I am pretty bummed. As soon as I was wrapping up my last blog Allisyn started crying for me. She was having some tummy troubles. I was tired and frustrated and was trying to get her back to sleep without her nursing. I tried, Michael tried a bit, nothing was working. We gave her some gas drops, and some Tylenol. Nothing was helping. So the best thing for us to do for her is to get her fully awake. So at 2:30 in the morning she got a bath! We finally got back to bed by 3:15 or so, and I gave in and let her nurse to sleep.

I had not been to sleep at all and Michael said he didn't feel it would be a good idea for me to drive in the morning. We would have had to take both cars so he could leave for work. So he changed his alarm so Allisyn and I could go to the late service. That didn't happen either. He tried to get me to wake up and get going, but I was just too tired. We were going to go to last night's service, but they were starting VBS and we had dinner plans with Jeremy and Natashia.

The day yesterday was a long one. We did get in a nap from about 11:15 to 1:30. It was much needed because we were both tired and cranky. Then we just hung out and tried to entertain each other. It is such a wonderful thing to watch when Michael gets home. Allisyn will here the door and she will stop what she is doing and toddle over towards the gate if we are upstairs and towards the door if we are downstairs. When she hears his voice she will look at me and get a little grin. When she sees them her eyes get really big and he gets a big smile. It melts my heart everytime!

When he got home, I got a shower. Then we left for Jeremy and Natashia's. Dinner was nice. Then we played a game of spades before Allisyn started getting tired. She cried allll the way home. It was sad. I hate it when I can't hold her when she is upset. She didn't go to sleep right away, actually it was a while. I thought we were going to have a repeat of the previous night, but she finally went to sleep about 11 and didn't wake up to nurse until about 3. We slept in until just before 10. Slowly I am getting caught up on my sleep.

I think my problem is with our weaning is that I wait until I am really tired and don't have energy, and that's when I try to say ok, no nursing. That has only proven to make everyone frustrated and upset. Michael is working the morning shift, so he has tonight and tomorrow, and Wed. morning off so hopefully we can make some progress over the next couple of days.

Well, I've got a lot of stuff that needs done, so I must run. More to come later.

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Jana H said...

Not everyone always makes it to church. It's especially hard, I'm sure, with a little one. God knows your heart, so don't feel too bad. I'll be praying that God shows you what home church He wants you guys to attend. I'm also glad that you found a mom's group to go out with. That's wonderful.