Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I got to go to a movie! All by myself! It is the first movie I have seen since before Allisyn was born! Michael is really great about giving me time for myself. Usually I just run out and do some required shopping, or run out for a coffee and some reading time at Barnes and Noble or something of the sort. But yesterday he said I could go to a movie! I was so excited! I was almost skipping through the mall to get to the theater! After I got my popcorn and drink (Which are outrageously priced) I was humming as I walked to the theater! I went in the middle of the afternoon so there wasn't a lot of people there. It was really nice.

Then I came home and we FINALLY got the kitchen into organized, working order. I had this way a few weeks ago and then we found a couple more kitchen boxes that required some major rearranging of things. But it is now all set up and clean, and I have space in my pantry and we can eat at the bar/counter. Everything happens in the kitchen and I like to have it in working order. We need to finish our painting in there and the dinning area. Hopefully that will happen soon.

This morning Allisyn and I went on a playdate. It was nice other than the fact the both she and Madelyn (who is 1 day older) were kind of clingy. Allisyn likes to chase little boys, it is cute, but I hope it isn't a permanent thing! LOL!

Today has been fairly productive, I've gotten the regular laundry just about caught up. I have one more basket. It is hard to do laundry with an Allisyn. She tries to help and our laundry room isn't big enough for us to both be in there without her wanting to go see the litterbox that is in there. After we get our regular laundry caught up, I have a whole pile of towels and sheets that have been in storage since December that need to be washed and put away. And there are 2 boxes marked Michael's clothes. I think I'm giong to try to go through them when he isn't home and weed out the stuff that he really doesn't need. He is really bad about letting go of clothes. Even the one's I have never seen him wear!

Well, I still have things I'd like to get done so I better wrap this up!


Lea said...

Good for you for getting out to a movie!! I did that too a couple of weeks ago.

I read your blog to mom and Kathy today and showed them your pictures. They really enjoyed them.

My trip to OKC has been delayed but I will let you know when I am headed your way. Hopefully one day next week, possibly even Monday. I would love to see you guys.

Lea said...

P.S. Mom wanted to know what movie you saw:).