Friday, July 4, 2008


So Allisyn's birthday was a nice day. We didn't do anything because I spent a huge chunk of the day with my cousin at the Oklahoma Health Department. Actually it was my mom, sister, and cousin. She was getting her kids' last names changed on their birth certificates. For some reason, I had to go. I think it was more me getting them to where they needed to go. Of all the Wednesdays she could have come down, she decided to choose my daughter's birthday? I'm trying to let it go, but I'm having a hard time with it, if you couldn't tell.

Allisyn was very excited to see her Aunt Katy, though. My sister should really come and see her more, but Allisyn enjoys the time she does get with her. Allisyn enjoyed having her dad home all day. They went and got a blow up ball thingy. Michael wanted to get a tent, but thankfully they didn't have any, so he settled for the blow up ball toy. Surprisingly enough, they are not all over the house!

We were FINALLY able to pay off the 4Runner today! Bank of America put the money in our account yesterday and luckily USAA was open today (strange huh?) and we got it paid off. Now all we wait for is the lien release and get to the guy and we will be DONE with it!! YAY!!

Well, I really should be cleaning and getting the house ready for Allisyn's party tomorrow, but goofing on the computer is so much more relaxing.

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