Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello, my name is Chandra Joy...

and I am a blog junkie/stalker/addict.

I am very happy that my sister-in-law, Rachel, has taken over their blog from my brother. He started in January? One post. That is all I got. I would like to say congrats to my brother though. He is now a chaplain for the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He swore in this past Friday after being out for....4 or 5 years. I know there is NO WAY I could go back in after being out that long. Of course, I never even considered getting back in. I am very proud of him!!!

Another blog that I am very excited to see, is the Fisher's. They will be leaving us for California soon, so it will be nice to be able to keep up with them and the beautiful Miss Evelyn! We will miss them tremendously.

Allisyn is talking more and more. It seemed like over night she started talking in sentences. Last night we were on our way home from church and she says, "Where did my dadda go?" I told her that he stayed and played basketball. "He plays ball?" The tone was one of shock, that he would play ball without her?

On a walk the other night she asked, "Hear that bird?" She pointed to her ear too. It was cute.
We also got asked "Where's that dog?" There were actually a few times we got asked because we heard a few talking to us as we walked by their yards.

Well, I need to get off and go ask the bank where our money is from the check for the 4Runner is that I deposited LAST Saturday. I really want to get it paid off!! Then I get to go call the Baby store again, because they were supposed to call me back this morning and they have not. Good times to come!

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