Friday, June 6, 2008


I have been thrown into the nesting phase. It was triggered by my wonderful husband's horrible performance of keeping up with the litter boxes. It is suppose to be a no-no during pregnancy, but seriously since all my cats are completely indoors and do not eat rodents of any sort, I just threw on a pair of gloves and cleaned out the box in the laundry room. Then I thoroughly cleaned the laundry room. There was enough litter in the floor to fill about half of a litter box. So that jumped started the nesting phase.

I have completed the closet in the hall by our bedroom. It was crazy unorganized. The laundry room and closet got completed on Wednesday.

Thursday, I reorganized the pantry. It was again, crazy unorganized. It is now clean and can hold the multiple sweeping tools I have. I also got a start on our closet and got caught up on the laundry! Then I got a break and went a friend's baby shower! It was a great time and a much needed escape.

Today, I was very tired. My body told me to keep it to minimum. So I got our bedroom done, and the closet finished. I also started on Allisyn's room and closet. Piper has FIVE bins of clothes waiting on her to wear. FIVE. After we get her room painted and furniture assembled I will start washing the clothes and putting up the stuff she will be able to use soon.

Our door is now fixed and all our baseboards are installed! Michael has also installed some sort of speaker panels in the wall. It looks pretty good. Now we just have to reposition the projector and all of that should be finished. I'm just not sure how well it is going to look with all of the cords. We shall see.

Tomorrow we will be continuing on our to-do list! I'm ready to mark off all the "need-to-do" items. It is looking better though.

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msb said...

Good for you! Nesting is so very satisfying, isn't it?