Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We have something marked off our MUST-DO List!! Michael and James got the fence put back up last night! They have to get some braces of something because they set the poles to low, but it is up and functioning! I can now raise the blinds in our bedroom again!! YAY!!

Though last night brought some not-so-fun events too. Including me tearing a hole in my foot as I shut it in the door. Well, I caught it on the doggie door. Poor Allisyn didn't know how she should react. I did not yell at Michael on the way in to take care of it, and there was a time where I was a little light-headed and the room was spinning a little that I wish I would have, but we survived it.

Our friend Daniel also came over and got an idea of what we would need to fix the door. It did not occur to me until I was on my way home from dropping off food that he would actually have to go into the laundry room. AAAACK!! That is by far the grossest room in my house. So I call Michael and tell him our laundry room is gross. His answer? Yeah, so?

WHAT!?! I made sure he was aware that someone was going to be in there, someone who is not accustomed to the filth that lies within, and he told me it was too late. Daniel was about to leave. UGGGHHH! I'm about to just break the rule of not changing litter boxes while pregnant, because my husband SUCKS at it.

BUT, the door should get fixed this week, and Daniel left Michael his nail gun so he could finish up the baseboards quickly. So that will be two more things to knock off the list.

We were thinking about trying to get things together for the neighborhood garage sale this weekend, but it doesn't look like it is going to get done. Hopefully we will still be able to work on the garage though. I get it all cleaned up and then stuff just start piling up. Next on the list will be Piper's room. I'm getting antsy to get it done. Well, that is an update on us, isn't our life exciting?

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