Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Date Night!

We are actually getting a date night tonight! It is our turn to cash in on trading we do with our friends. Actually it has been our turn for a while, but we have been dealing with more sickness than anyone should ever have to. In my opinion anyway. We are actually thinking about going to a movie! Together! I think the last movie we saw together in the theaters was Transformers. Michael's friends watched Alli then, but it did not go well for Alli. The last time we left Alli with our friends who are keeping her tonight, she did great! So we won't be worried the whole time.

I was really expecting today to be a bit of a rough day. Allisyn has had her daddy off for 4 days and he had to go back to work today. We had a playdate set up through my mom's group, but it was supposed to be at the park and we decided this morning it was too windy. Luckily Allisyn has been in a pretty pleasant mood! Of course she is not showing any signs of taking a nap, but we will get through that. We always do!

A quick shout out of HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To my my wonderful big brother Dustin. I would link his blog, but he has only blogged once and that was back in January!

Well, I am being beckoned to go love on wooden animal puzzle pieces! Oh the minds of babes!

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