Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Little Late

I know I said I would try to put these up last week, but I got sick. Then we left to see our families, but here are some ultrasound pictures of Miss Piper Grace.

This is a foot shot. One foot is flat, you can see the toes, and the other foot is turned up against the first. You can see the femur of the turned foot.

This is a nice profile shot. Her head is on the left side for those of you who say they you just cannot see it.

The two below are both profile shots as well, but she has her tiny hand up to her mouth and is sucking on her thumb in one. The one on the right you can see the bones in her arm! Isn't she just precious??
Anyway, those are pictures of Miss Piper. We had a really great weekend! Michael got lucky with a 4-day-weekend. It just happened to luck into Easter weekend. We got to spend a few days and nights in Tulsa with my Aunt Lea and her family. My grandma and Aunt Kathy and cousin Jana came up and spent the day and night there on Friday too! It was great fun and it saved us a couple of trips on the second part of our trip.
Then we got to have lunch with Pap-paw (my dad) and see his dad and my step-grandma. Then on to lunch with Michael's family. We met his 2nd youngest brother's girlfriend. They seem to fit each other. She was really sweet. Then Allisyn passed out on the way to the hotel. She didn't stay asleep the whole night, but did sleep through the whole night once we all turned in!
Then church with my mom and her family, and an unusual, get your own food Easter meal where no one really ate together thing. Then the kids opened Easter baskets. This year was much better than last because we did not end up with as much stuff! YAY!!! Luckily it didn't drag on all afternoon. My dad called us and told my great grandma was given a pill to help her sleep and that if we wanted to see her we should probably come pretty quick. So we said our good-byes and stopped by to see her on our way out of town towards home.
Allisyn slept all the way back!! YAY!! That is always a blessing. Now she is telling us it is bedtime and I have to say I agree. It has been a very wonderful weekend, but I am very glad to be home!

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