Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nice Weekend!

Friday we had an eventful day. Allisyn had a birthday party. It was fun. She seemed to have a good time. Then we went out to eat with some friends who we haven't got to see in a while. Then we went over to their house and played some Wii. Not real great because it makes me want one again. I know we don't need one, but they are really fun!

Saturday we got to sleep in! YAY! Michael worked the evening shift this weekend so he got to spend some time with us before he left. Allisyn went over 12 hours without a nap! So not like her! Luckily she had a good day and we did not have many tantrums or anything.

This morning she had an unusual spell in Bible class where they tried to find us. They were thinking of the wrong class so they did not find us. Luckily she snapped out of it and had a good time the rest of the class. Nursery was a no go. We left a little early anyway so we could have lunch with Michael before he went to work. Then we came home and played a while. I had to drive her around to get her to take a nap, but it was worth it! She slept for almost 4 hours and I slept about 2! It was nice.

Luckily Michael has off tomorrow so if she stays up a little later we can all sleep in tomorrow! Tomorrow I am praying to get some new glasses. I have been wearing my 2 week contacts for about 4 or 5 weeks now. I really need glasses!!!

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